Business writing

Your writing can generate leads, open doors and inspire trust in your brand. Or it can make you look like you showed up to work in a dirty suit and forgot to brush your teeth. Sloppy copy wastes everyone’s time and money.

As an editor, I use a few quick fixes to tear out the weeds and make space for clarity. Try these techniques and you’ll boost your readability:

  1. Write like you speak. Use simple, common language. And use real words! Run away from nouns pretending to be verbs such as incentivize or verbs and gerunds masquerading  as nouns such as learnings.
  2. Remove repetitive words and use a thesaurus.
  3. Avoid adverbs. Cross out words ending with “ly” and use more descriptive verbs (e.g. “jogged across the street” vs. “walked quickly across the street”).
  4. Save your readers’ time by avoiding unnecessary ceremony. Drop the “please do not hesitate to contact us if you happen to have any questions” and use “if you have questions, please contact us”.
  5. Use contractions. Really. Unless you are you’re composing a legal contract or a management letter, write “we’re” not “we are”, etc..