Services & Rates


Acting as the brand guardian for your house style, I offer the following services:

 Writing, editing and proofreading:

  • Copywriting and editing campaign collateral, editorials, social media posts, Google AdWords, email shots, client newsletters and invitations
  • Researching and ghostwriting technical blog articles
  • Editing blog and magazine articles
  • Repurposing existing print content for an online and mobile audience
  • Ghostwriting speeches, presentations and communications for senior management
  • Conducting interviews and writing features for employee magazines


  • Proofreading and polishing German to English translations for consistency, style and content
  • Translating short texts from German to English


  • Advising on content strategy, key messages and tone of voice
  • Coaching and mentoring business writers specialized in B2B marketing content as well as writing for an online audience


I offer two pricing structures.

Project rates
Based on a competitive hourly and daily rate, I offer you a fixed project price. I do charge more for express or overnight service on last-minute projects.

Retainer fees
Need a variety of content — social media posts, blog articles, invitations to client events, campaigns and newsletters — and someone who knows your brand and house style inside and out? Hiring me for a fixed number of hours per month on a retainer fee may make the most financial and operational sense for you.

We’ll sit together to evaluate your editing, proofreading and copy needs and establish a fixed number of hours per month. With the retainer model you’ll save time and money and gain flexibility. You can plan longer-term knowing that I’ll be able to respond quickly to any last-minute requests, protect your brand and offer you a substantial discount on my hourly rates.