Chester & Poppy making me laugh

I’m a Canadian illustrator living beside Lake Zurich,  Switzerland. I’ve lived here now for 26 years and learned to speak my own Swiss German dialect (Swinglish).

Animals have always played a big part in my life. As a kid, you’d find me either stuck in a tree with a sassy Chihuahua or knee-deep in a pond searching for tadpoles, skeeters, and salamanders. Or drawing horses. For hours.

Today, I chase after Poppy & Cheddar (pictured above) and take long forest-rides on Fagels, my cheeky Icelandic horse. Spending time with people who love animals inspires my art.

My passion is illustrating the special bond people share with their beloved animal friends. Each relationship is unique and fascinating. By working digitally I’m able to paint in a cinematic way to capture moments that tell a story.

I also love the endless possibility of having an art studio at my fingertips – and the flexibility it gives me to go to a local café and draw! Gotta have a coffee!

Thanks for popping by!

If you’d like to order a pet portrait or to chat about your project just email me.

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