I’m a Canadian illustrator living In Uetikon am See, Switzerland. And after 27 years here, I’ve been known to let out a yodel or two and can even speak my own Swiss German dialect (Swinglish)!

I work as an illustrator, copywriter, and art teacher specializing in urban sketching and creating illustrated travel journals. I help you explore Zurich one sketch at a time. And with over 27 years of experience painting and living here, I know the spots to draw – from Zurich’s historic sites and lively cafés to capturing the seasons as we walk along the Pfannenstiel.

Ideal for both beginners and more experienced painters, my workshops focus on fun, mindfulness, flow, and letting go of perfectionism while learning to see like an artist — with a sense of wonder. Together, we build the sketching muscles you need to illustrate your experience of a place or moment in a way that makes you feel at home wherever you are.

You’ll find a few photos of one of my recent workshops at the Villa Bleuler below.

Thanks for popping by!

If you’d like to learn to illustrate your life, join one of my sketching workshops!

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Enjoying a beautiful day together at the Villa Bleuler
Demonstrating contour drawing and zooming in on what grabs your attention.
A student sketched some of the flowers using the art kit I provide.

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